To complement the excellence of our entertainment program here at Club Paradiso we also concentrate on providing a fine dining experience prepared by our award-winning Chef, Bartholemew.

The menu constantly changes to cater for regular visitors to Club Paradiso.

With the combination of a top class show and fine dining in an exquisite atmosphere we promise you your visit to Club Paradiso will be an experience to savour.

Recurrent comments from Guests is not only are the shows top class but the food is way above expectation.

One recent guest called her Club Paradiso night out, between the show and the food her evening was “World Class”

Have a look at our two sample menus below to get a taste of what's on offer!

You'll find a map to our exact location above. Visit the pages on this website for full details of what we have to offer.

Free Parking, Outdoor Facilities , Cocktail Bar, Restaurant

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